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  • Shari Goddard Shambaugh

Green Pool

Green Pool, 6x6 oil on birch panel

Last summer, a little stir-crazy and desperate to get out of our cloistered home mid-pandemic, my husband and I drove out into the White Mountains. We planned to go to one locale to splash in a stream. But on the way, my husband suggested stopping at a place he had just heard about. And so began a magical afternoon. We walked an easy pathway up into the woods until we heard the splashing and gurgling of a stream ahead. As we neared the water, we looked up the mountainside and saw a series of cascading waterfalls with pools at the base of each section. The pools were perfect for sitting and relaxing in the refreshing water.

It wasn't empty, but there was enough space and spare for those of us who found ourselves there. We stayed a safe distance from each other, while still enjoying the company of others who found themselves in this paradise.

At one point we found ourselves sitting in a pool of the bubbling cool stream, looking out over the distant hills while birds and the breeze sang to us above the sound of the spray of water. Together, it all added to a sense of deep peace and joy. And after that, a sense of gratitude for the accidental discovery of our own Eden.

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